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senti asks you about you
senti's questions give you
a fun and easy way to keep up with how you're doing.
What you get
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senti is for you.
We love being social. But everyone needs a little quiet time now and then.
Senti helps you take a few moments each day to think about your own perspective and how you're feeling.
Days weeks
how are you?
Senti estimates how you’re doing from how you answer questions.
You can see the estimates in your chart by day and week. We also use estimates to help select new for you.
everyone has experience.
Senti is about your own personal subjective experience. How are you feeling? ... What do you remember? ... What are you hoping for?
what's yours?
Option breakdown
surprise yourself.
Sometimes you don’t know the answer until you get the question. If you’re curious about something in yourself, pick a topic from ASK ME SOMETHING NOW.
be consistent.
Things you do, where you are, what you’re thinking, how you’re feeling ... Senti makes it easy to KEEP A RECORD OF what’s going on with you by asking you questions about it.
add some focus.
Senti selects new and different questions for you every day. If you want, you can ADD QUESTIONS ABOUT a topic. You’ll still get a mix of questions, but with a little more focus.
a notebook that almost writes itself.
Senti helps you keep a notebook about the things that are most important to you, by writing down your answers to questions.
Add your own pictures and notes too.
Add to notebook
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