senti is based in
san francisco, california
about senti and the senti app
why does senti ask questions?
Senti asks questions to help you think about answers, and to make it easy to keep notes.
Senti's question-and-answer interaction is similar to a method used for decades in psychology and social sciences research, called ESM (or "Experience Sampling Method").
We've updated and extended ESM for modern mobile life.
how does senti know how i’m feeling?
Senti uses signal processing and machine learning techniques to estimate how you're doing from the way you answer questions.
The results Senti shows you are there to give you something to think about. We’ve shown that they are “valid” for use within the app, and we’re continuing to improve them. But they’re still just estimates – if they don’t seem right to you, or don’t feel useful, then they aren’t.
can i use senti if i’m ________? what if i’m not _________?
Yes, and yes.
Senti doesn't try to promote any particular way of thinking or set of values. Instead, we try to ask questions that give you an opportunity to think about how you're experiencing the world, and how that fits with your own beliefs and goals.
will senti treat my anxiety, or tell me if i’m depressed?
No. Senti is not a medical or diagnostic tool, or a form of therapy. Senti is a mindfulness app intended for everyone, no matter how you feel or what may be happening in your life.
However, we are working with partners to create a version of senti that may be used to support professional services.
can i get questions on a topic i don’t see in the options yet?
Yes, in most cases. We really appreciate hearing what’s important to you. Please send us an email with your suggestion.
i’d like to use senti with my clients. is there a way i can do this?
If you are a professional provider, and would like to talk with us about using Senti in your practice, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!
Senti is committed to keeping a version of the mobile app available that is anonymous, free to use, and free of ads.
what does senti mean by "anonymous"?
In the Senti App, "anonymous" means we don't know who an account belongs to.
We don't intentionally collect any personally identifying information from people using the anonymous version of the app.
how will senti use data from my anonymous account?
Mostly to provide you with feedback within the app, in the form of charts and notebook updates. We also use the aggregated, anonymous results from everyone using the app to improve algorithms and content. And we will sometimes publish aggregated, anonymous results in research or marketing, to help us get the word out about Senti.
what are the limitations of an anonymous account?
The main limitations are: If you uninstall the anonymous Senti app from your phone, there is currently no way for us to re-associate your past information with a new account. Also, without an account we can’t connect data from other apps to your Senti app, or provide you with exported data.
when will i be able to set up an personalized Senti account?
Senti accounts are coming soon, along with some new features that we think you'll love. We'll definitely let you know as soon as they're available. When we do, we'll also make sure that you have all the facts about privacy of the account, and how data from the account will be used.
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